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Don't Replace... Resurface with Belbien!


At Land and Sea Surfacing, we specialize in resurfacing existing fixtures with Belbien, saving you the time and expense to replace or relaminate. Our installation process is quick, clean, and non-disruptive. We are able to resurface your existing millwork without closing down areas of your facility during renovations.

Fire Rated Doors


Belbien is class A fire rated and can be used to resurface fire rated doors. No need to take down, throw away, and buy costly new doors. We can resurface doors with Belbien, while the door is still hung in place! 



Elevators can be extremely costly to renovate. We can resurface elevator doors and elevator cab wall and ceiling panels with Belbien, giving your elevators an upgraded appearance.

Case Studies

Chevrolet Dealership


  • Customer needed to undergo a mandatory rebranding project, according to  the new corporate color scheme.
  • All interior millwork, doors, and office cubicles had to be changed from a dark cherry color to a light blonde maple color.
  • Land and Sea Surfacing successfully supplied a Belbien pattern that matched new corporate color scheme and completed the project in two weeks, with no down time to the customer's day-to-day operations.
  • The resurfaced components included:

  1. ​​1 Reception desk
  2. 1 Parts desk
  3. 36 Office cubicles & desks
  4. Millwork throughout building
  5. ​42 Doors

 Pros of Resurfacing 

  • Allowed customer to avoid outlandish replacement costs by resurfacing outdated components rather than replacing them.
  • Avoid filling up landfills with thousands of pounds of old doors, millwork, etc.
  • Finished cost of project was about half of replacing.
  • Much less disruptive and far more efficient

Westchase Hilton


  • Westchase Hilton underwent a full renovation of their property in Houston, TX. ​Land and Sea Surfacing's scope of work included resurfacing all of the guest room doors.​
  • The customer was so pleased with the installation on the original scope of work that they decided to resurface the ballroom, office, fire, and common area doors with architectural films as the project was nearing completion.
  • They needed this additional work completed within the original time frame of the project. We were able to man the project, get the additional material to the property, and complete the project within the original time frame and under budget.
  • The resurfaced doors included:

  1. ​296 Guest Room Doors
  2. 28 Ballroom Doors
  3. 50 Miscellaneous Doors

​Pros of Resurfacing

  • Customer was able to substantially reduce cost and project time by resurfacing doors rather than replacing them.
  • Architectural film was used to enhance the appearance of the doors in accordance with the property's new design esthetic.
  • Land and Sea Surfacing's installers are manufacturer trained and certified, ensuring the long life and durability of architectural vinyl resurfacing film.

Hard Rock Casino


  • Customer wanted the ceiling to be a centerpiece in their high limit gaming lounge.
  • Land and Sea Surfacing's scope of work included resurfacing the 64' long ceiling with a wood grain Belbien pattern.
  • The customer needed this project to be completed quickly and Land and Sea Surfacing was able to arrive and complete the job on schedule.

Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation Letter_Bo Chambers_Tuscaloosa Chevrolet (pdf)


Recommendation Ltr - Strategic Hospitality - Westchase Hilton (pdf)


Recommendation Letter_WA Klinger_Hard Rock Sioux City (pdf)


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Take a look at our online catalog. Belbien has over 400 patterns to choose from! larger samples available upon request.